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Worship Music July 29

This week was the last week in our beginnings of the church series. We ended with Stephen’s stoning in Acts 7 and his sermon leading up to it. As you might imagine, there aren’t a lot of songs out there about stoning or about worshiping God in the midst of stoning or anything along those [...]

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…And we’re back

If you’re a regular visitor, you may have noticed that the site was down earlier this week. And if you were very observant (or if you are me), you might have noticed that after the site came back up some of the posts were missing. Fortunately I use an offline editor to write all the [...]

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I side with…

I took this nifty little quiz the other day. It asks you several questions and compares your answers to the presidential candidates and then gives you a break down of whose positions most closely align with yours. Shockingly it says “I side with” Mitt Romney more than anyone else. I was a bit surprised, actually, [...]

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Worship Music July 22

We’re almost through our summer series on the early response to Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection (which is why we’re stopping at Acts 7 and not going through the whole book). This week we were in Acts 6 which honestly doesn’t have a lot for a worship leader to grab hold of. At least this worship [...]

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Against the Grain

The Boy Scouts went against the grain last week by affirming their ban on homosexuals. Not everyone is happy about it. "With the country moving toward inclusion, the leaders of the Boy Scouts of America have instead sent a message to young people that only some of them are valued," he said. "They’ve chosen to [...]

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Talented engineer? Looking for a job? Want a paid paid vacation?

The double “paid” was not a typo. Some companies offer health benefits. Some have break rooms stocked with cokes and candy. Some do all kind of other things to keep their employees happy. I have it on good authority that most people at Rackspace spend more time at the lake than at work. Or at [...]

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Midweek Humor

Dead on comparisons. This one is for my friend Ron, whose son likes dubstep.

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Non-review: Iran: Open Hearts in a Closed Land

As the title implies (or rather, just outright states), this is not going to be a book review per se. But as I read through this short book by Mark Bradley a couple thoughts jumped out at me that I thought worthy of passing on. The book is split in two sections, the first examining [...]

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Worship Music July 15

We’re continuing our series in Acts (focusing on the events shortly following Christ’s departure). This week we were in Acts 5. I had talked to Pastor Mike earlier in the week and he said that he wasn’t going to spend too much time on Annanias and Saphaira, but would instead be focusing on the latter [...]

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Stop it. Please. Just…just stop it.

Family Christian (of Family Christian Bookstores) has come out with edifi, a Christian tablet. Because, you know, that Kindle you’ve been using is not sanctified. Thank you to FoxNews for reminding us that this is not the first religious tablet. “That honor, of course, goes to Moses and the Jews.” And, well, God.  

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