A milestone passed

Yesterday I posted blog post number 200. The same day, Tim Challies posted this article about his own blogging experience (he is currently at 2784 consecutive days of blogging – with sometimes 3 posts a day). Makes me feel a bit…well…underproductive, let’s say.

The good news – it took less time to get from 100 to 200 than it did to write the first 100. The bad news, I’m still all over the place, both with the content and with the timing of my postings (although I have managed to get away from politics, for the most part – for which I’m glad). The past few days, while recovering from surgery, I’ve had more time to write, and have taken advantage of my time to do so (and to read, which obviously led to several posts). But let’s be honest, it’s not like I don’t normally have time to write. More often it’s simply that I don’t feel an inclination to do so. N-am chef. Or I don’t have anything that I really want to say. And since I know that there are very few people reading/following my blog, I haven’t really felt pressure to write during those times.

Perhaps I should change that. Perhaps I should take Challies’ challenge and attempt to write every day for a year. Or maybe 3 times a week. I don’t know…it’s something worth thinking about. I have no aspirations to turn my blog into a money making endeavor, no illusions that I will somehow attract 10,000 daily visitors to my site.

As I alluded to some time ago, one direction I’m considering is to concentrate the content a bit. Rather than 18-20 categories, I’d limit the majority of my content to maybe five main categories, with random articles filling an additional 8-10. I’m still working out what those main topics would be. And you can help. If you’ve got an idea, or something you’d like to see me write about more often, let me know. Or conversely, something I should never write about again (please!), I’ll hear those thoughts, too.

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