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Day 31: Facebook fast

Okay, so officially the fast was over yesterday. As you might have guessed if you have been following, this has been the easiest fast I have ever been on. That said, I am curious to know what I have missed. At the same time, I don’t really care. It’s an odd feeling, really. So, things [...]

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Day 24: Facebook Fast

I’m beginning to wonder if I need to go back to Facebook. I’ve gotten used to not being on it, to not knowing what is going on in that virtual world and just living in this other one. And I don’t mind it. I even rather like it. Back in the early days of the [...]

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Day 17: Facebook Fast

Nope. Still don’t miss it. My first year in Romania I did not have a microwave. I didn’t have a clothes dryer or a dishwasher either (or a TV or a radio). But back to the point. I had to learn how to cook and survive without a microwave. So…this is what it was like [...]

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Day 10: Facebook Fast

So far, I don’t miss it.

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Day 1: Facebook Fast

In this post I explained some of my reasons for choosing to take a 30 day break from Facebook. Here are the highlights: 1. I can do it while drinking a Dr. Pepper 2. I feel like all I do on Facebook is waste time and argue (and waste time arguing) 3. I’m doubtful that [...]

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Day 30(!)

I have been counting down the hours all day. Okay, that’s an exaggeration. I really haven’t been all that concerned with the fact that today is the last day of my no coke challenge. In fact, I could go another 30 days without a problem. Uh…but I’m not going to. Here are a few things [...]

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The next 30

As this month comes to a close, I’ve begun to think about next month and what I should attempt. Some (Anna) might suggest I continue for another 30 days (or longer) with the coke ban. But I don’t see that happening. I’ve got three 12 packs of Dr. Pepper staring at me and I’m pretty [...]

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Day 25: No cokes

I had a dream the other night. Normally I don’t remember my dreams. The moment I wake up they fade and five minutes later I have no recollection at all. And I don’t remember much about this dream, either. I remember I drank a Dr. Pepper. It was an accident. I don’t know the circumstances, [...]

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Day 19: No Cokes

The longer this goes on, the worse it gets. Anna claims that I will get used to not drinking cokes and will not miss it. But she is wrong. I have gotten used to not drinking cokes, and I have gotten used to drinking more water, and even drinking water with food that normally is [...]

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Day 12: No Cokes

Those of you in the pool that had before day 12, I’m sorry, you lost. I’m 12 days in and still going strong. Well…still going anyway. I have to admit it is getting a bit easier. But I’m still not liking it. Saturday’s pizza with water was a drag. I’m not sure if there’s anything [...]

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