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Non-review: Iran: Open Hearts in a Closed Land

As the title implies (or rather, just outright states), this is not going to be a book review per se. But as I read through this short book by Mark Bradley a couple thoughts jumped out at me that I thought worthy of passing on. The book is split in two sections, the first examining [...]

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Quick(ish) Review: His Excellency: George Washington

“Absorbing…An incisive portrait…” “Absolutely fascinating…” “Lively and engaging…An accessible portrait…Ellis write simply but eloquently. His prose is lucid, graceful and witty, his book is hard to put down…” It took me more than a month to read Joseph J Ellis’ biography of George Washington. While I’ll agree with “fascinating” and “accessible,” perhaps even “incisive,” I [...]

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Quick Review: 1776

The story actually picks up in 1775. I say “story” because that’s really what most of this book feels like. Yes, it is a history book. But McCullough writes in such a way that the reader is drawn in to a point that you lose any “academic” feel. Not that you can say that it [...]

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Quick Review: Manhunt: The 12-Day Chase for Lincoln’s Killer

Manhunt was not actually on my reading list, but when I saw it in the store (on sale, of course), I knew that it was one that I had considered or was considering for the next list. So I gobbled it up (because that’s what you do at bookstores – you gobble books) and began [...]

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Quick Review: The Day Lincoln Was Shot

Written to be an hour by hour account, The Day Lincoln Was Shot is a fascinating, if not the most scholarly, read. Jim Bishop put his account together after reading scores of government documents and taking notes over a period of twenty-five years. Still, he notes that the record is not complete and where it [...]

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Book Reviews and Louie L’Amour

After picking up a few Louie L’Amour books at Borders last week I set out to read one or two. As is my habit nowadays I went to the goodreads website to note what I’d done – mostly jus’ to keep track for myself. I’ve never really paid any mind to the reviews of the [...]

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Quick Review: The Secret Garden

Some people are no doubt surprised that The Secret Garden was on my reading list. But The Secret Garden is a classic story and although it’s not exactly written for the adult male demographic, I enjoyed it. Mistress Mary, who is indeed quite contrary, is orphaned when her parents die from cholera. She is taken [...]

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Quick Review: The Man Who Was Thursday

GK Chesterton’s “nightmare” is a quirky, fun, bizarre little story that is at once a farce and at the same time full of philosophical little nuggets. Most of which went right past me. So let’s not talk about the philosophical, or the meaning behind the words. If you want that kind of review, go to [...]

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Quick Review: 1984

“I understand HOW: I do not understand WHY.” This is exactly how I feel after reading this book. I’ve got so many questions and it seems like every one of them starts with “why”. It’s easy to take for granted, at this point in history, how thoroughly original Orwell’s vision of a dystopian future is. [...]

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Quick Review: Jane Eyre

Imagine my surprise to find that Jane Eyre has absolutely nothing to do with Jane Bennett. They are, by all appearances, two completely different characters. As such, Bingley does not make an appearance in this story; nor do Elizabeth or Darcy (although Caroline Bingley and Blanche Ingram may be the same person). It’s a bit [...]

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