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Sports fans and good writing

I’m filing this under “Great Stuff Other People Said” because you just gotta love this stuff.  These are quotes from sports bulletin boards and blogs.  For my Romanian friends who may not see the problems, I put the offending word or phrase in italics. “It was a special performance, but could all be for not [...]

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Treasures in the attic

Well, okay, not so much treasures, and I don’t have an attic.  But I was cleaning up my hard drive (sort of) and ran across an old file called “Quotes” which, oddly enough, contains a number of quotes that I read or heard somewhere and thought worthy of writing down.  So I share a few [...]

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George MacDonald on seeking truth

This is from George MacDonald’s The Curate’s Awakening or at least, that’s how it’s known now. It was originally published as Thomas Wingfold, Curate but Bethany House decided no one could read MacDonald in the original form, so they edited them and renamed them all. Anyway. I won’t pretend to say that MacDonald is my [...]

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Anybody else like Jane Austen?

I know. I’m a guy. I’m not supposed to like Jane Austen. But I do. You do with that what you want.  I was just re-reading the last several chapters of Pride and Prejudice. I was just going to quote this one line, We all love to instruct, though we can teach only what is [...]

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Great Stuff Other People Said

“When praise and worship ceases to be a fad, true lovers of God will still be worshiping.”

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