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MTP: Folk

This week’s Mix Tape Project is all about the Folk. Folk was never one of my strengths. I was always more the rock-n-roll, classic rock, and classical music kind of guy. Odd mix, I know. But there you have it. Folk, for a long time, was simply too close to country for me. And I [...]

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The Mix Tape Project: Kansas

You would not believe how hard this project was. In my collection of mix CDs, I have three Kansas and Kansas related discs. The first Kansas CD covered the first three albums (Kansas, Song for America, Masque), the second covered the following three (Leftoverture, Point of Know Return, Monolith) and of course “Kansas/Kerry AD” covered [...]

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The Mix Tape Project

When CDs first came out they were indestructible, but if you listened to them too long they would actually hurt your ears. This is because the sound was too clean(1). Everyone knew that for sound quality (and for goodness sake, the health of your ears), records were far superior. Who didn’t love the “psssh” of [...]

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