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I side with…

I took this nifty little quiz the other day. It asks you several questions and compares your answers to the presidential candidates and then gives you a break down of whose positions most closely align with yours. Shockingly it says “I side with” Mitt Romney more than anyone else. I was a bit surprised, actually, [...]

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What Obama Didn’t Say

President Obama’s statement today on homosexual marriage has been making the rounds on all the news and talk programs. The conservative talkers particularly have been dissecting every phrase (even individual words here and there) to criticize the president, or question his sincerity or elucidate a presumed inconsistency or weakness or hypocrisy. (Overlooked in all of [...]

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Presidential Sleight of Hand

You may have heard something about the firestorm over the portion of President Obama’s health care law that stipulates that all insurance plans must provide contraceptive services. Churches are exempted on the grounds of religious freedom. However, other religious organizations are not. After a veritable uprising from Catholics and others who felt their rights to [...]

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Friday’s lunch: Stew

Think back to your public school days. Maybe private school is the same, I don’t know. Hamburger one day. Salisbury steak the next. Pizza, if you’re lucky. And then there was Friday. And somehow Friday was always something like stew. Not to say the stew wasn’t stew….just you know you’d either have stew or you’d [...]

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No Jesus prayers

You can pray. Just don’t say Jesus. Or Christ. Or Savior, or a number of other words that will not be allowed in Forsyth County, North Carolina government meetings. From this point forward, the county will have to police all prayers offered at their meetings to conform to a federal appeals court’s assessment of a [...]

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I do not think that means what you think it means…

It’s amazing how much of life can be connected with The Princess Bride. A federal judge has ruled that Cranston West High School must remove a mural which depicts the “school prayer” saying that it is a violation of the Constitution because it promotes religion. Ridiculous. We need to have a “come to Jesus” meeting [...]

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Pass This Bill Now

I’ve kept myself away from political talk for a good while, and I’m pretty happy about that. But this was just too funny to pass up. Most everyone, I imagine, has heard President Obama saying, “we need to pass the American Jobs Act right now” or some variation of it since last week’s joint session [...]

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A Jew supports the Cross

Why would a rabbi, or any serious Jew, support a cross being erected at Ground Zero? His argument revolves around the fact that the cross was significant in the days and weeks after 9/11 and that its meaning to the families of the lost and to others who gave so much of themselves there goes [...]

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The art of the argument

That’s a pretty pretentious title for what I’m about to write. But I can be just as pretentious as the next guy if I really try. I like arguments. I should clarify. I like arguing. Could be any topic. Might even be a topic I don’t really care about. But as long as there are [...]

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Reception Problems

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