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If it were me

One of these:                         one of these:                                                             and something along these lines as well:                   at least one of these (but then I’d need a 12 string also…and an electric. and a hollow body…and…): And yes, [...]

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How to Start a Conversation with a Stranger

There are a limited number of truly good ways to start a conversation with someone you don’t know. This is especially true when the someone is a person with whom you truly desire to converse (as opposed to being forced to talk with some random person (in which case it doesn’t really matter how you [...]

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In 3D

I spent some time yesterday evening with some good friends. It felt pretty good. It was actually the second night this week that I was able to spend time with friends I don’t see regularly. In last night’s case we decided that we hadn’t spent time together since last Memorial Day. Which is depressing, but [...]

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Humorous sight of the week

I’m so sorry I don’t have a picture. Or video would be even better. But the funniest thing I’ve seen all week (and probably last week, too) was the group of 6 Mexican nationals trying to order food at Chipotle. “Burrito? Taco? Our tacos come in threes. Do you want rice and beans in your [...]

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Is it live or is it Memorex?

You probably don’t remember those commercials. Memorex makes CDs and DVDs now but at one time made cassette tapes which they claimed were so clear, so high quality, that you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between live performance or a recording. Which was silly, of course. Now, however, the lines between live performance [...]

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Writing, the blog, staring at a blank screen, you.

“Staring at a blank screen” doesn’t have the same poetic feel as “the empty page before me” but the idea is the same. My job has me spending large amounts of time driving around town in a Ford Transit. For reasons I will not bore you with at the moment, the radio in the Transit [...]

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The death of radio

There was a headline on some news website this week about radio dying. I didn’t read the article, but I can imagine what it was about – local radio stations are being replaced with computerized playlists (JACK FM) or national radio programs (K-LOVE). To me, however, the sign of radio wheezing its last breath is [...]

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Sermon inspired meanderings

Sometimes during the sermon my mind begins to wander. This is me confessing that I sometimes stray from the pastor’s train of thought and hop on my own. But you do it, too, so stop pretending you’re offended. Today, Pastor Pratt said something that got me thinking: “We think of God in human terms.” It’s [...]

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Work, Busyness, Distractions

I’m trying to figure out why I haven’t been able to get to a few of the articles I have already started. There are a few that I just need to do some research, add some links, write a little bit more. And yet, every day, it seems, I’m writing something new, short, and probably [...]

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First the circle was shrinking and now this. Those morons on Jupiter have got to cut out the fossil fuels or something. Unless it’s our fault again. Probably.

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