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Congratulations to the San Antonio Spurs for winning their eighth playoff game in a row (and a franchise record 18th in a row overall). Tonight’s game was the toughest win of the 18 as far as I can remember. So congratulations to the L.A. Clippers for putting up a good fight, especially after the demoralizing [...]

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In case you missed it: Manu being Manu

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Could’ve been worse

Ouch. But uh…at least no one got hurt. Physically.

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And another thing

It seems like the last couple of 30 day challenges I’ve done have proven that I don’t need whatever it is I’m doing without that month. Facebook. Dr. Pepper. Although I’ll point out that not needing and not wanting are two different things. Seems like even though I am not on a 30 day project [...]

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How not to get fan support

Several years ago the Spurs were negotiating with a few of their free agent players. One of them was David Robinson, the other was a shooting guard named Derek Anderson. The Spurs had signed Derek to a one year contract and he had played well for them so they wanted to resign him to a [...]

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I’ve heard announcers for years say that Joey Crawford is one of the best refs in the game.  But I refuse to believe it.  And today he illustrated why.  Apparently, Tim Duncan hurt poor Joey’s feelings when he laughed about a(nother) bad call.  This just after Joey gave Tim a technical foul for saying something [...]

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Rodeo Roadtrip

The Spurs ended their “Rodeo Roadtrip” on a two game losing streak. Not such a good thing. I listened to the last couple of minutes of the Sixers game last night. I hadn’t been listening, so I don’t know how the rest of the game went, but you have to think things hadn’t gone the [...]

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