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YIP 2015: 10 a Day

Reading through the Bible in a year sounds a bit daunting. But rather than being satisfied with reading through the Bible in a year, the Ten Chapters a Day program essentially doubles that. So it would be easy to say that I didn’t follow through the last time I tried it because it’s just too [...]

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Pond5. No…I don’t know why they call it that.

Pond5 is “the World’s Stock Media Marketplace.” At least that’s their tagline. There are other places that sell stock photos, videos, music and whatnot. But Pond5 is one of the big ones with over 1.5 million videos, 8 million photos and 100,000 songs, all available for royalty free use. For a price, of course. I [...]

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Say hello to…

I’ve never been one to name things. My truck does not have a name. My Langejans guitar does not have a name. Well, and let’s face it, those are the only things I own that anyone would ever deign to give a name to. But now I might have to make an exception. Say hello [...]

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Happy Independence Day!


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Cool stuff people make

I know it’s a long ways off, but I am totally excited about the idea of a new supersonic passenger jet. Seems like ever since the unfortunate and untimely end of the Concorde, airplane manufacturers have been focusing on bigger (the Airbus A380) or more efficient (Boeing Dreamliner 787) passenger planes as opposed to faster [...]

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Moogle Doodle

Today’s google doodle is in honor of Robert Moog, the creator of the Moog synthesizer and a pioneer in electronic music. The google doodle is kind of cool – you can play around with the knobs, you can record your creation, etc. So go play around a little bit, then go check out the moog [...]

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There were some nice clouds tonight

We had a very short, but very nasty, storm come through late this evening. It left behind some impressive clouds, especially with the sun shining off of them from the west. As I was driving home from work I noticed that the sky behind me looked blue, which I thought was really interesting but doubted [...]

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Art I Think is Cool

I’m fascinated with artists that spend hours/days/months working on a project that is temporary. I have backups of backups of photos I’ve taken. Even the hundreds (thousands?) of cruddy ones.     I hear my friend Chris Taylor is planning to do some live painting for Luminaria this year (which was supposed to be yesterday [...]

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YIP: 2012: 10 a day

The year in preview continues. Most church going, Bible reading Christians have used a “read through the Bible in a year” program at one time or another. Or tried to, at least. Typically they give you two passages a day – one in the Old Testament and one in the New Testament. And they have [...]

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Curious song of the day

My favorite Christmas movie is Holiday Inn. Bing Crosby, Fred Astaire, Marjorie Reynolds. It’s a musical with all the songs written by Irving Berlin, who if you don’t know, was a genius. On a soundtrack that includes White Christmas, the popular (at the time) Easter Parade and Be Careful It’s My Heart, it’s easy to [...]

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