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The Year in Preview: 2015

I don’t know if it’s a western thing or a human thing, but it seems that as we mark time, we look for milemarkers. Places along the road that tell us where we are, how far we are from where we were, and (to stretch the metaphor) how far we have yet to go. I [...]

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Top 4 (possible) reasons I haven’t been writing…

1. Nothing to say 2. Too busy with other things 3. Writing is for weasels 4. “You haven’t been writing? Huh. I didn’t notice.” Just so you know…it’s true. I haven’t written for a while. At least not here on this blog. And no, I haven’t put all my efforts into some other blog that [...]

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…And we’re back

If you’re a regular visitor, you may have noticed that the site was down earlier this week. And if you were very observant (or if you are me), you might have noticed that after the site came back up some of the posts were missing. Fortunately I use an offline editor to write all the [...]

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The problem with change…

is you start to forget where the real man hides. Or something like that. Totally random reference to a song that the vast majority of you have never heard. The problem with change (to the blog) is that pages can suddenly be lost. Well, not lost. They are still there. But the links to previous [...]

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The solution to a problem no one had…

You may have noticed (if you are the noticing kind) that there is a new page on the blog. The music page. You might expect that there would be music on the music page, and in this case, you would be right. I’m not particularly happy with the organization or the layout or pretty much [...]

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On being unique

I’m not one who puts a high value on being unique. Not to say that I want to be like everyone else, because that isn’t the case, either. But I’m not so hung up over being unique that I feel like I have to be different – like everyone else who wants to be unique. [...]

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New Blog Name

No, I’m not announcing one, I’m taking suggestions. We all know how important the right name is, and because of that we also place a high value on those who have given name to those things we hold dear. Most famously of course, is Adam, who gave us names like elephant and leviathan, octopus and [...]

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In case you noticed…

I had to make a minor change to the look of the blog today. For some reason the widgets that link to Goodreads were not working properly. Previously you could see on the left side several boxes which contained “Books I’ve Read in 2012,” “Currently Reading,” “Fiction Reading List,” and “Non-fiction Reading List.” For some [...]

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The Year in Preview: 2012

Seems like every year between Christmas and New Year’s there are dozens of tv and radio programs that highlight the major events of the year. The year that was. The year in review. A look back at 2011. I suppose I could do that, too. But since this is a blog, and since this blog [...]

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On having no idea. Or…to have nici un habar.

Sometimes I have no idea what I’m going to write about when I sit down to write a post for the blog. That probably shouldn’t come as much of a surprise given some of the output. But other times I have ideas floating around in my head (or even written down in random flies strewn [...]

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