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Top 4: Superbowl Special

Over the past several days several people have asked me who I’m rooting for, or if I’m ready for the big game. Which is always an interesting question, because I essentially gave up on the NFL several years ago when I could no longer stomach the Cowboys. I tried, I really did, to pick a [...]

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Top 4: Drummers

I was listening to a Kansas CD yesterday (yes, some people still use CDs), and was reminded how much I like Phil Ehart. So I decided to share my top 4 drummers with you, because I know how much you are interested in such things. Keep in mind, these are not the four people I [...]

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Georgetown Photoshoot: 4 Things

Four things I learned on the photoshoot in Georgetown with Todd White. 1. Be prepared. You set up a photo shoot with your favorite photographer and you imagine that he/she just shows up and snaps the pictures. Well, maybe. But a good photographer will take the time to scout locations, plan ahead for where the [...]

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World Series 2011: What we learned

What good would any sporting event, even one as important as the World Series, be if you couldn’t learn something from it? Why, then it would only be something to watch – something to relish or to curse, something to lift your spirits or crush your soul. Good thing for us, then, that there are [...]

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Top 4 Bad ideas in Major League Baseball

We continue baseball week with a look at the four worst ideas that Major League Baseball has either adopted or is considering. We’ll take two historical (and epically) bad ideas first and then two that the commissioner has stated he is considering (and which rumor says will be implemented). 1. DH – Yes, American League [...]

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Top 4: Kansas (the state, not the band)

Yesterday we arrived home from a trip to Kansas. Some would ask the obvious question: why would anyone want to go to Kansas? Others the less obvious questions: did you see the band while you were there? Did you meet Kerry Livgren? What’s your favorite thing about Topeka? The answer to the obvious question is [...]

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Top 4 Movies for 4th of July

If you live in San Antonio, you no doubt have heard that there will be no fireworks this 4th of July. Not at Randolph, not at Fort Sam, not at Lackland. Not even at Brooks. In fact, they aren’t even allowed to have fireworks at Fiesta Texas or Sea World. How utterly disappointing. So, since [...]

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