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A burger and fries is how much??

Was a time when young people went to work at McDonald’s expecting nothing but some job experience and some spending money. As the economy got worse and worse you’d hear people talk about not finding jobs. Inevitably someone would say, “McDonald’s is hiring” as a way to say, “something is better than nothing.” So imagine [...]

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Midweek Humor

I’m not in class anymore, but for those of you who are back in school:

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Talented engineer? Looking for a job? Want a paid paid vacation?

The double “paid” was not a typo. Some companies offer health benefits. Some have break rooms stocked with cokes and candy. Some do all kind of other things to keep their employees happy. I have it on good authority that most people at Rackspace spend more time at the lake than at work. Or at [...]

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Stop it. Please. Just…just stop it.

Family Christian (of Family Christian Bookstores) has come out with edifi, a Christian tablet. Because, you know, that Kindle you’ve been using is not sanctified. Thank you to FoxNews for reminding us that this is not the first religious tablet. “That honor, of course, goes to Moses and the Jews.” And, well, God.  

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Short Stories…

I have a bunch of stories to follow up on, so I’m going to try to get a start with a few short words about these. Atheist Billboard: Quit the Church – I still don’t know why atheists want to be upset that there are people who believe in God. I’m not sure I would [...]

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What…no customer reviews for a 14 year old used CD?

Also, it is probably worth that price for the artwork, but please, if you just want the songs, let me know. I know where you can get high quality mp3s for free. (At the same time the thought just occurred to me that if a used CD goes for $22, I wonder how much I [...]

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“Race Well Run”

There’s been a lot of talk the past couple of days about the 3200 meter race at the Ohio state championship meet. None of it having to do with the winner of the race. If you haven’t heard or haven’t seen the video, the story is Meghan Vogel had won the 1600m just an hour [...]

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Life in These United States

Seems like there used to be a Reader’s Digest column by that name. Anyway. This is just a collection of things happening in our grand country that you might have missed. Committee says boy can play on the girls team. So, apparently they originally decided that he was too good to play on the girls [...]

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I was going to do this, but my hair isn’t red…

I know that you, like me, want this art in your hair also. But be warned: the Judson school district does not approve. And to prove it they’re going to give this kid on-campus suspension (which, as the writer points out, is the worst kind of suspension since you can’t sit around at home and [...]

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What Obama Didn’t Say

President Obama’s statement today on homosexual marriage has been making the rounds on all the news and talk programs. The conservative talkers particularly have been dissecting every phrase (even individual words here and there) to criticize the president, or question his sincerity or elucidate a presumed inconsistency or weakness or hypocrisy. (Overlooked in all of [...]

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