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YIP 2015: The Other Stuff

As much as I’d like to be that guy who sets goals and powers through to the finish…I’m not that guy. I get distracted. I have too many interests and no control of when one or the other (or something new) might rear its beautiful head. So I’d like to think that I’ll be able [...]

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YIP 2015: Mixing and Recording Music

Over the past couple of years I have spent more and more time recording and mixing music. Most of the recording has been my own music, but I have also been working at building up a portfolio of songs I have mixed. As I’ve said before, music is something you have to do in order [...]

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YIP 2105: Music

A cursory glance at the category list will tell you that music is a big part of my life. Somewhere along the line I realized that I was going to have to choose between music and photography – that I couldn’t put enough time and energy in to both to have a chance to grow [...]

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YIP 2015: 10 a Day

Reading through the Bible in a year sounds a bit daunting. But rather than being satisfied with reading through the Bible in a year, the Ten Chapters a Day program essentially doubles that. So it would be easy to say that I didn’t follow through the last time I tried it because it’s just too [...]

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The Year in Preview: 2015

I don’t know if it’s a western thing or a human thing, but it seems that as we mark time, we look for milemarkers. Places along the road that tell us where we are, how far we are from where we were, and (to stretch the metaphor) how far we have yet to go. I [...]

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YIP: 2012: Music

Ah music. You knew music would have to show up on this list at some point, right? After all, a brief glimpse at the category list shows that I’ve written more about music than anything else. Of course the 30 days of recording in July had something to do with that. Like photography and writing, [...]

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YIP: 2012: Reading List

If you’ve been around for a while, you know that two years ago I put together a reading list for 2010. It was impressive. 26 fiction and 26 non-fiction books to be read in the span of a year. Um…and if you’ve been around since then you know that I am still working on that [...]

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YIP: 2012: 10 a day

The year in preview continues. Most church going, Bible reading Christians have used a “read through the Bible in a year” program at one time or another. Or tried to, at least. Typically they give you two passages a day – one in the Old Testament and one in the New Testament. And they have [...]

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The Year in Preview: 2012

Seems like every year between Christmas and New Year’s there are dozens of tv and radio programs that highlight the major events of the year. The year that was. The year in review. A look back at 2011. I suppose I could do that, too. But since this is a blog, and since this blog [...]

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