Delayed Gratification

stlUsed to be it had to actually rain to postpone a game, but these days a messy sky will do the trick. It’s not a terribly bad decision. If you start the game and the weather comes in, the two starting pitchers will probably not be able continue (depending on how long the delay is) and you also risk the possibility that the game gets rained out entirely. Being the World Series, the league would rather not start and stop, start and stop. So, Game 6 will be played tomorrow night.

It will be interesting to see if this has any effect on the pitchers (or hitters, for that matter). After I had taken piano lessons for a while, I was one of the “advanced” students (I promise this relates somehow). That sounds like a good thing, but it isn’t. Because the advanced students play at the end of the recitals. This means that for over an hour or maybe even two hours, I had to sit and think about the song that I was going to play. It was never a good thing for me. I can’t make a comparison between a piano recital and pitching in the World Series. I mean, beyond the one I just made. At any rate, it’s something to watch. Nerves were already a question – does another day to think about it make the nerves worse?

One positive about the rain delay: it gives Chris Carpenter an extra day to rest. Will the Cardinals use him in Game 7 on three days rest? He did not do well the last (and first) time he pitched on three days rest, lasting only 2 or 3 innings. Still, if it’s game 7 you want your best and most competitive pitcher on the mound. And in St. Louis, that’s Chris Carpenter.

LaRussa – LaGenius or LaSenile? Since the catastrophe that was the relief pitcher substitutions in Game 5, some media types are suggesting that LaRussa’s age has finally caught up to him and he’s lost his mind. He thought he asked for Motte, but in reality he had a senior moment and now he’s covering up for it. This is a patently moronic idea. And yeah, Jim Rome, I’m saying your idea is moronic. LaRussa does not have any problem taking heat for bad decisions. He doesn’t care what any media types think (or anyone else, for that matter). Much like Albert Pujols who answered the question about whether he called the hit and run in the 7th inning, “yeah I did. Is that a problem?” Incidentally, originally LaRussa took the blame for that call. That’s why I think that chances are, if LaRussa is covering for someone, it’s one of the other coaches. More likely, it happened just like he said – because it’s just too weird to make up.

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