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nature_21Mar12-018_webAs you know, I’ve been trying to find fields of wildflowers to shoot before they all disappear. Yesterday I took some family up to Fredericksburg with me on my quest to find fields carpeted with bluebonnets and indian paintbrush and whatnot. Which was a mistake. For a couple of reasons. One, never take non-photographers on a photography shoot (I justified it all by telling myself it wasn’t really a shoot as much as a scouting trip). But the second mistake was believing that there would be fields covered with wildflowers near Fredericksburg.

I did find a couple. Maybe three. One of them was on Willow City Loop, which is all private property owned by people who do not want gawkers stopping and parking on their road (or off their road). So…being a good Christian boy, I didn’t stop to take any pictures there (although I have to admit, I was sorely tempted in one location. Sorely). The other two were marginal sites but I took some pictures anyway just to see what they would look like through the lens. One was a field of light purple flowers (not bluebonnets) with a cow laying down in the middle of it. But the sky was too overcast for a handheld picture, particularly for a shot at 300mm like I really needed (and going back to the first mistake, I didn’t want to take the time to set up my tripod). The other was a field of yellow flowers with about 15 deer or so. Unfortunately the deer got a bit spooked when I stopped. So. I came home with about 15 pictures, none of them worth a lick.

Today I walked down the street to the corner and across the street to “Long Acres” and found some shots I really like. I’m looking for the lesson in all that. Is it “shoot local” or “sometimes the best shots are the easiest shots” or “closer is better” (since all the pictures today were closeups)? I don’t know.


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