Midweek Humor: Your Favorite Baseball Team

In honor of baseball season starting today (unless you’re counting those games in Japan last week):

If you’re like me, you’ve had a favorite baseball team since you were knee-high…well…for a long time. And I am not here to dissuade you from your choice. Even if you unwisely root for a team other than the Cardinals. Some of you, however (Anna), do not have a favorite team. Some of you (Anna) think you don’t like baseball at all. So I am here to help you. I think perhaps you’ve just never found your favorite team – and if you did, if you made that connection – you would be a fan. So…here is a handy chart to help you find which team to root for (click on the chart to enlarge).


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  1. anna - April 4, 2012

    maybe I’m a Dodgers fan, because I never want to get to the field before the 3rd inning. Of course, I don’t really want to be there after the 3rd inning either…

    maybe I should just cheer for the Mariners. My drink of choice is a latte (double, short, whole milk…not nonfat), and I don’t really care who wins. Isn’t it all about the garlic fries, anyway?

    nope. pretty sure that just means I don’t like baseball.

  2. dan - April 4, 2012

    I’m shocked. Of course I’ve heard of people who don’t like baseball. I just figured they weren’t sane. Or American. Or intelligent enough for the game. So…I’m not entirely sure where that puts you…

  3. anna - April 5, 2012

    not American. And my sanity is also questionable. I doubt it’s the intelligence factor; last I checked, there were hundreds of unintelligent people who enjoy baseball.

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