New non-fiction for 2010 reading list

Rather than waiting the 15 – 52 weeks that it will take me to get through 15 non-fiction books on my reading list, I’ve decided to name replacements for the aforementioned Systematic Theology and Atlas Shrugged now. At least one. The other perhaps you can help me with, should you choose.

johnny cash comicFirst, I am adding Cash: An Autobiography. I don’t like country music, but I like Johnny Cash. And I think that feeling is probably shared by many others. Dozens, at least. I remember going to the Berean Bookstore in Peoria, IL when I was a kid, reading (and subsequently buying) a comic book version of Johnny Cash’s biography. It was meant as a sort of gospel tract, I think. I was totally engrossed by it, though I don’t think I knew a lick of Johnny’s music. Seems like I’ve always been intrigued by his life story, from what I know of it, and his songs give the impression (supported by many reviews on that he is a good storyteller. So I’m looking forward delving in a little more and hearing his story from his own words.

The other replacement is either Crazy Love by Francis Chan, or Radical by David Platt. Both are popular in the Christian “this book will change your life” circuit. Both are fairly short. Both are well regarded by people I know. And both are currently in my possession. So you see my problem. You tell me, which one should I read this year and which should I put off for next? (“You have to read them both” does not qualify as an answer to that question, by the way).

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