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30 days recordingIf you followed any or all of the 30 days of recording, you’ve heard at least 30 different tunes (more or less). I obviously have no idea which ones you liked and which ones you thought were…uh…let’s just say “lousy.”

But if you read the intro to this little experiment, you know that the point wasn’t really writing the music, but recording it. So as far as that goes, if there was something decent, something interesting musically in the recordings, I’ll take that as cake.

Here are a few random facts just for fun:

  • Original songs recorded: 25
  • Songs created entirely for this project: 21
  • Longest song: Be StillDay 12 (5:28)
  • Longest original song: The Big GlideDay 20 (3:17)
  • Shortest song: Five Eight ThingDay 6 (1:01)
  • Most tracks used for one song: 13 (for TwoDay 21)
  • Total tracks recorded: 178
  • Total instruments used: 89
  • Most used instrument: fingered bass (14 songs); although you could say guitar (20 tracks on 7 songs) or pop/rock drum kit (18 songs).

Looking back I had three reasons for choosing to do a recording every day for 30 days.

  • “It gives me some impetus to set up my little studio.”
  • ”I’m eager to see if playing with a click track will help my timing away from the recording setting.”
  • ”I didn’t have any better ideas.”

studioI’ve written a bit already about the studio setup (this is, by the way, the entirety of my studio – not much to look at is it?) and some of the problems I had with software and whatnot, especially at the beginning. And I’ve still got some work to do with that. But it certainly did get me going. So that one is positive.

After 30 songs, I’m still not sure that my timing is any better. I am getting more used to playing with a click – and listening for it. But has it positively affected my timing away from the click? I don’t know. I haven’t had an opportunity to record myself without. So that’s an incomplete.

Finally, I still don’t have any better ideas. But as I neared the halfway point I thought that there must be any number of ideas that are not as time consuming or as difficult as doing a recording every day (and then there was the fact that I couldn’t physically be at the computer for 30 days straight. In fact, dirty little secret, I recorded the last 3 songs in one night because I was leaving the next day for three days). More than one day (or late evening) I started up Studio One wondering what I was going to do or where I was going to find an idea for that day’s recording. I think a few days I took an easy route and just played something on the piano and played off that with other instruments. But other times things just came to me as I started. So all in all it was a very difficult challenge to find things to record every day, but it was also very enjoyable for me to find some creativity in the process (even if I am the only one to enjoy the outcome).

Some other thoughts from that first post: I didn’t set a time limit per se, but I didn’t spend any more than two hours on any one recording (at least initially – I’ll explain in a bit). There were a few songs that I spent a little more effort on the drum track (although I did very little editing of the actually midi), and a few that I did some effects and whatnot. But for the most part, they were very simple, rough recordings.

There were a few songs that I did like enough to put in a little more work to clean them up a bit. So in the next few days I’ll post a few of those cleaned up smoother versions for your entertainment (in whatever manner you might be entertained – either in the music or my selection of these songs).

In addition there are a few songs that I’d like to get back to but haven’t had the time yet to put toward them. A few that I need to re-record the guitar (Day 10the doohickey song) or work out a new part (the violins for Day 7melody). So I’ll try to find time to work on those and get those posted as well.

For those who were following along – are there any songs/melodies you think I should work on more?

For everyone: thank you for putting up with this whole thing. I know the blog has been a little overrun with this experiment and maybe for some it got tedious quickly. But I promise I’ll be moving on soon.

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