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I have a bunch of stories to follow up on, so I’m going to try to get a start with a few short words about these.

Atheist Billboard: Quit the Church – I still don’t know why atheists want to be upset that there are people who believe in God. I’m not sure I would care if I were a Catholic (it’s directed to Catholics, not evangelicals or Christians in general). I like this line: “’I don’t like them imposing their religious beliefs on other people who don’t have those beliefs,’ said Terry McDonald with the DFW Coalition of Reason, a local atheist group.” Um. So you’re going to impose your view on everyone who drives down that highway?

Are Discounts Unconstitutional? – More of the same from the Freedom From Religion Foundation nuts. This atheist, who has never been to this restaurant, is offended that they offer a discount if you bring in your church bulletin. Apparently he thinks that’s unconstitutional. You know, separation of church and state or something. “He said he came across Prudhomme’s bulletin promotion while doing an Internet search of the restaurant, which he had heard good things about. But, he said the restaurant’s discount for church-goers annoyed him. ‘My interest is in social justice and tolerance, and I get a little annoyed at all the religiosity,’ he said.” Um. Right. Tolerance. Sure. Wonder what he would say if they offered a discount to veterans.

“I witnessed angels at 9/11 site” – You can decide for yourself on this one.

Pastor loses church over same sex marriage support – There’s something fishy about this story. A couple things, really. First, his reasoning behind his support for same sex marriage is “I knew so many gay and lesbian people as people and I couldn’t for 1,000 years imagine why they shouldn’t have the same privileges that heterosexuals have.” Um. Okay. No Biblical support for your position then, is that what you’re saying? Second, I can’t figure out the whole loan thing. They took out a high interest loan and then decided not to pay it back but instead use the money they raised to look for a new building. Um. Does that sound remotely like a person with integrity? The article is poorly written or there would be some context for this comment: “I came to the conclusion I wasn’t going to give him another dime. Whereas I know I could have. I wasn’t going to be victimized by a predator any longer. He’s not going to tether me to something that’s unfair to me and my people.” But any way you look at it, I’m not going to be sorry for this church closing their doors.

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