Music is a big part of my life and has become a major part of this blog. I’ve written and recorded a number of songs, some for the “30 Days of Recording” project last July and some random songs here and there since then. Here you will find all of the final versions of those songs (or, in the case of the “30 Days” project, the 12 songs that I liked the most).

Note: The “download” button doesn’t work. Well, it might. But probably if you click it the file will open in another screen rather than download. I won’t bore you with the reason for that. The solution to it, however, is to simply right click on “download” and “Save linked content…” or whatever the equivalent is in your browser.

Note 2: For some reason the plugin does not work well on the Opera browser. I find this frustrating since Opera is my default. The songs will play, but the playlist does not show so you’ll have to just fast forward through the songs. I apologize and as soon as I can find something better (or fix the issue) I’ll do it.