Short Stories…

I have a bunch of stories to follow up on, so I’m going to try to get a start with a few short words about these. Atheist Billboard: Quit the Church – I still don’t know why atheists want to be upset that there are people who believe in God. I’m not sure I would [...]

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Something Will Happen

Shocking, I know. I just spent an hour and a half (or more) watching a ridiculous movie. Normally I’d say it was a total waste of time, but we had such a good time making fun of the movie, and creating our own plot twists that it was actually fun. The point of the movie [...]

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Position Available: Debating William Lane Craig

I’ve never read any of Craig’s books, although I’ve heard of him and read some transcripts from other debates. So I am hardly an authority on his apologetics. But it’s hard to understand why no one wants to debate him. Either he’s such a jerk that no one wants to share the stage, or he’s [...]

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