St. Louis Cardinals 2012 Predictions

It’s time again, baseball fans, for my annual St. Louis Cardinals break-down. There are a bunch of new faces this year and some very major (and a few minor) changes to talk about. As always, keep in mind this is just one arm-chair fan’s opinion and is based on nothing more than general observation and [...]

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Midweek Humor: Your Favorite Baseball Team

In honor of baseball season starting today (unless you’re counting those games in Japan last week): If you’re like me, you’ve had a favorite baseball team since you were knee-high…well…for a long time. And I am not here to dissuade you from your choice. Even if you unwisely root for a team other than the [...]

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The Significance of Superbowl Sunday

I’m sure there are some of you who are getting together with friends, getting the wings and pizza and cokes ready for the party you are going to have tonight watching the Superbowl. Others, I know, don’t care anything about the Superbowl. Maybe your team isn’t in it and you’re bitter. Maybe you don’t like [...]

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What were you thinking, Cardinals?

Cardinals GM John Mozeliak woke up yesterday with a huge hole in his lineup but with his pockets unexpectedly full. Or was it unexpected? Some people are speculating that the Cardinals never intended to keep Pujols, knowing that the long term contract he wanted would devastate the team in the long run. That’s why they [...]

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What were you thinking, Albert?

Cardinal Nation is a sad, heartbroken place today. Albert Pujols, centerpiece of the St. Louis Cardinals for the past 11 years, face of the franchise and, in many ways, the city, has chosen to leave St. Louis and the only team he has ever played for to go to southern California and play instead for [...]

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Cardinals choose new Manager

What kind of manager do you choose to replace an outgoing Hall-of-Fame caliber manager? Tony LaRussa ended his 33 year managing career three days after winning the World Series for the third time. He leaves the game in third place in career wins and as one of the most respected (and reviled, by some) managers [...]

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Spam of the year contestant

I’ve mentioned before that I get a good deal of spam here and most of it is nonsense or the generic “I really like your blog. This is very informative writing” usually connected to relevant posts like the photos or the about page. Every once in a while, however, there is something that sticks out. [...]

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World Series 2011: What we learned

What good would any sporting event, even one as important as the World Series, be if you couldn’t learn something from it? Why, then it would only be something to watch – something to relish or to curse, something to lift your spirits or crush your soul. Good thing for us, then, that there are [...]

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Cardinals Win!!

After an improbable ending to the regular season that saw the St. Louis Cardinals qualify for the playoffs on the last day, after an improbable postseason that saw the Wild Card team beat the heavily favored Phillies and then follow with beating the heavily favored Brewers to get to the World Series, after an unbelievably [...]

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Cards win in 11; series goes to Game 7

No (live) rally squirrels were spotted, but given the events of Game 6 they must have been nearby. What started out as an ugly game with the Cardinals committing three errors and the Rangers – or Michael Young more specifically – accounting for two, somehow turned into one of the most exciting and memorable World [...]

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