Lessons Learned: pebkac

Back in the day my college roommate (Steve) and I were the technical support reps for Larry Burkett’s budgeting software. Every day we took calls from users of various skill levels. You’ve probably heard stories along the way of tech support and the kinds of calls they get. Steve: Put your mouse at the top [...]

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There were some nice clouds tonight

We had a very short, but very nasty, storm come through late this evening. It left behind some impressive clouds, especially with the sun shining off of them from the west. As I was driving home from work I noticed that the sky behind me looked blue, which I thought was really interesting but doubted [...]

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Lessons Learned: geek edition (sorting custom columns in WordPress admin)

I’ve always wanted to learn php. Even had a book once. Kinda read it. But I found that I didn’t have time to devote to learning code, and the advent of blogs and other internet apps made learning php less important. Especially when there’s a plugin for virtually anything. Problem is, most of those plugins [...]

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Lessons Learned: geek edition

I’ve been working on the Memorize Psalm 119 website this week and ran across a few problems that I hadn’t encountered before. It’s been a while since I worked with php and editing wordpress themes and pages. This might be elementary to some, but since I had to search a dozen pages to find it [...]

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In search of…

As you know, I’ve been trying to find fields of wildflowers to shoot before they all disappear. Yesterday I took some family up to Fredericksburg with me on my quest to find fields carpeted with bluebonnets and indian paintbrush and whatnot. Which was a mistake. For a couple of reasons. One, never take non-photographers on [...]

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Why wait?

6:55 pm: 7:35 pm:

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Photography Lesson of the day

Lately I’ve been getting off work around 5, which here in South Texas means I’ve got roughly 2 1/2 hours before the sun goes down. Which means I’ve got time to take some pictures. Yesterday, in my pursuit of finding wildflowers around here, I decided to see if there were any down at the missions. [...]

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World Series 2011: What we learned

What good would any sporting event, even one as important as the World Series, be if you couldn’t learn something from it? Why, then it would only be something to watch – something to relish or to curse, something to lift your spirits or crush your soul. Good thing for us, then, that there are [...]

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