Pond5. No…I don’t know why they call it that.

Pond5 is “the World’s Stock Media Marketplace.” At least that’s their tagline. There are other places that sell stock photos, videos, music and whatnot. But Pond5 is one of the big ones with over 1.5 million videos, 8 million photos and 100,000 songs, all available for royalty free use. For a price, of course. I [...]

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Say hello to…

I’ve never been one to name things. My truck does not have a name. My Langejans guitar does not have a name. Well, and let’s face it, those are the only things I own that anyone would ever deign to give a name to. But now I might have to make an exception. Say hello [...]

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A lament for art in the church

The other day one of my friends (I’m going to call him Ira Sankey) started a conversation on Facebook about leading worship that transitioned (the way Facebook conversations do) into a discussion of how many churches don’t appreciate art. In other words, he didn’t feel that most churches wanted the kind of music he would [...]

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Midweek Humor

Dead on comparisons. This one is for my friend Ron, whose son likes dubstep.

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The end of an era

So…it has come to this. doxamusic.com is going dark. Well…unless someone else wants to register the domain name and put their music out there. We had a good run. And like many bands, the website had a much longer run than the band. Back in the early days of the band Doxa, we decided to [...]

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New Music Tuesday

Yeah, I don’t know if this will be a regular thing or not. Just didn’t have any other title for it. Since I mentioned Rend Collective Experiment yesterday, I thought it only appropriate to share a bit with you. The first video is a little introduction to the group and what they are about. One [...]

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The solution to a problem no one had…

You may have noticed (if you are the noticing kind) that there is a new page on the blog. The music page. You might expect that there would be music on the music page, and in this case, you would be right. I’m not particularly happy with the organization or the layout or pretty much [...]

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Worship Music March 25

Continuing his series leading up to Easter, Mike’s message this week was on “blood sacrifice.” Mike was taking passages from the Old Testament related to the animal sacrifice (particularly as it relates to the covering of sins) and then also from the New Testament related to Christ as the perfect sacrifice. When I heard that [...]

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Worship Music March 18

Mike and I were not able to coordinate on the topic this week, so I wasn’t entirely sure what direction things were going to go. I knew that he was starting a new series and that it would lead into Easter. So…not crucifixion, not resurrection, but leading that way somehow. With that in mind, I [...]

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That’s Not Worship

Dr. James K.A. Smith, Professor of Philosophy at Calvin College recently posted an open letter to worship bands, which I would like to pass along as I think his three main points are worth hearing (even if you’ve heard it before). Before getting to those points, however, he makes what I think is the most [...]

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