I finally found a field of bluebonnets. Seems I just had to wait until the wildflower season was almost over. I noticed this field a couple weeks ago – that it was sparsely covered with bluebonnets – and wondered if it would fill out. Being late in the season there are a lot of weeds [...]

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The heavens declare…

I’ve been fascinated recently with the sky. Clouds, really. It started with looking to the sky to see what kind of clouds would be in the background of pictures, should I choose to take any. Some scenes are better with big dark billowing clouds. Some are better with clear blue sky (although I prefer the [...]

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Wildflowers abound

and yet…I still haven’t found any really great fields of bluebonnets. I did find this today: By the way, if you are interested in Texas wildflowers (as I suddenly have become – interested, that is, not a wildflower), there are a couple of cool websites I’ve found. The Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center is run by [...]

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In search of…

As you know, I’ve been trying to find fields of wildflowers to shoot before they all disappear. Yesterday I took some family up to Fredericksburg with me on my quest to find fields carpeted with bluebonnets and indian paintbrush and whatnot. Which was a mistake. For a couple of reasons. One, never take non-photographers on [...]

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Why wait?

6:55 pm: 7:35 pm:

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Photography Lesson of the day

Lately I’ve been getting off work around 5, which here in South Texas means I’ve got roughly 2 1/2 hours before the sun goes down. Which means I’ve got time to take some pictures. Yesterday, in my pursuit of finding wildflowers around here, I decided to see if there were any down at the missions. [...]

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Photos: San Antonio Pow Wow

I only happened to hear about the Pow Wow a couple days ago, but I knew I wanted to go and see if I could find any pictures there. I went to a Pow Wow once in Chicago many years ago, so I sort of knew what to expect, but only in general terms. Looking [...]

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A little too good

Sometimes the photo retouchers can do too good a job on the post-production. The Brits have an agency called the Advertising Standards Authority (sounds like something out of V for Vendetta, doesn’t it?) which banned an ad for L’Oreal Revitalift 10 featuring actress Rachel Weisz because they said, “the image misleadingly exaggerated” the performance of [...]

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Old Photos

I had an old roll of film finally developed and scanned last week. Funny thing what age will do to a roll of film. Despite the fact that this is Kodak TMax 100, the pictures all came out as grainy as 1600 speed film. Most of the pictures were taken last year when Todd White [...]

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The king is dead

Well, not dead yet. But Kodak is filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy which puts it pretty near the edge. So what was once a very proud and extremely successful company has found that 130 years of history means nothing if you can’t keep up. I’ve always been a fan of their film. Used to use it [...]

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