I love you, I hate you…

Half Price Books sent out a coupon the other day. You see where this is going, don’t you? It wasn’t even a great coupon – 40% your highest priced item. And there are even more coupons for the rest of the week (30% Wednesday and Thursday, 20% Friday and Saturday, 50% Sunday. You can sign [...]

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Now Reading

Well, the good thing is I’ve been able to read a bit lately. The bad thing is that means I need to write some reviews. Something to look forward to, I suppose. I finished Neal Stephenson’s book Cryptonomicon last week. As I said, that one will probably not interest many of my friends. And at [...]

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In case you noticed…

I had to make a minor change to the look of the blog today. For some reason the widgets that link to Goodreads were not working properly. Previously you could see on the left side several boxes which contained “Books I’ve Read in 2012,” “Currently Reading,” “Fiction Reading List,” and “Non-fiction Reading List.” For some [...]

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Reading List Update

Last night I finished His Excellency: George Washington. A full review will follow shortly. As I was updating my reading list on goodreads.com (and consequently what shows up in the left margin of the blog here), I realized that I probably need to update one little detail about the reading list. I find it a [...]

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YIP: 2012: Reading List

If you’ve been around for a while, you know that two years ago I put together a reading list for 2010. It was impressive. 26 fiction and 26 non-fiction books to be read in the span of a year. Um…and if you’ve been around since then you know that I am still working on that [...]

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New Books for an Old List

The recent sales at Borders and Half Price Books were either a really good thing, or a really bad thing. I’ll have to wait to see how my budget looks in a few weeks to know for sure. On the positive side, I found some interesting books at Borders – although none that were actually [...]

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Quick Review: The Secret Garden

Some people are no doubt surprised that The Secret Garden was on my reading list. But The Secret Garden is a classic story and although it’s not exactly written for the adult male demographic, I enjoyed it. Mistress Mary, who is indeed quite contrary, is orphaned when her parents die from cholera. She is taken [...]

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Quick Review: 1984

“I understand HOW: I do not understand WHY.” This is exactly how I feel after reading this book. I’ve got so many questions and it seems like every one of them starts with “why”. It’s easy to take for granted, at this point in history, how thoroughly original Orwell’s vision of a dystopian future is. [...]

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New non-fiction for 2010 reading list

Rather than waiting the 15 – 52 weeks that it will take me to get through 15 non-fiction books on my reading list, I’ve decided to name replacements for the aforementioned Systematic Theology and Atlas Shrugged now. At least one. The other perhaps you can help me with, should you choose. First, I am adding [...]

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Quick Review: Jane Eyre

Imagine my surprise to find that Jane Eyre has absolutely nothing to do with Jane Bennett. They are, by all appearances, two completely different characters. As such, Bingley does not make an appearance in this story; nor do Elizabeth or Darcy (although Caroline Bingley and Blanche Ingram may be the same person). It’s a bit [...]

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