What were you thinking, Cardinals?

Cardinals GM John Mozeliak woke up yesterday with a huge hole in his lineup but with his pockets unexpectedly full. Or was it unexpected? Some people are speculating that the Cardinals never intended to keep Pujols, knowing that the long term contract he wanted would devastate the team in the long run. That’s why they [...]

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What were you thinking, Albert?

Cardinal Nation is a sad, heartbroken place today. Albert Pujols, centerpiece of the St. Louis Cardinals for the past 11 years, face of the franchise and, in many ways, the city, has chosen to leave St. Louis and the only team he has ever played for to go to southern California and play instead for [...]

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Cardinals choose new Manager

What kind of manager do you choose to replace an outgoing Hall-of-Fame caliber manager? Tony LaRussa ended his 33 year managing career three days after winning the World Series for the third time. He leaves the game in third place in career wins and as one of the most respected (and reviled, by some) managers [...]

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