On being unique

I’m not one who puts a high value on being unique. Not to say that I want to be like everyone else, because that isn’t the case, either. But I’m not so hung up over being unique that I feel like I have to be different – like everyone else who wants to be unique. [...]

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New Blog Name

No, I’m not announcing one, I’m taking suggestions. We all know how important the right name is, and because of that we also place a high value on those who have given name to those things we hold dear. Most famously of course, is Adam, who gave us names like elephant and leviathan, octopus and [...]

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The Year in Preview: 2012

Seems like every year between Christmas and New Year’s there are dozens of tv and radio programs that highlight the major events of the year. The year that was. The year in review. A look back at 2011. I suppose I could do that, too. But since this is a blog, and since this blog [...]

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New photos

I’ve added 15 photos (12 new ones) to the “color” gallery (until I decide on a more meaningful arrangement). All of them are from last week’s trip down to the missions and the Japanese Tea Garden (although as you’ll note, there’s only one from the tea garden). There were several others that I thought were [...]

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