World Series 2011: What we learned

What good would any sporting event, even one as important as the World Series, be if you couldn’t learn something from it? Why, then it would only be something to watch – something to relish or to curse, something to lift your spirits or crush your soul. Good thing for us, then, that there are [...]

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Cardinals Win!!

After an improbable ending to the regular season that saw the St. Louis Cardinals qualify for the playoffs on the last day, after an improbable postseason that saw the Wild Card team beat the heavily favored Phillies and then follow with beating the heavily favored Brewers to get to the World Series, after an unbelievably [...]

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Cards win in 11; series goes to Game 7

No (live) rally squirrels were spotted, but given the events of Game 6 they must have been nearby. What started out as an ugly game with the Cardinals committing three errors and the Rangers – or Michael Young more specifically – accounting for two, somehow turned into one of the most exciting and memorable World [...]

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Delayed Gratification

Used to be it had to actually rain to postpone a game, but these days a messy sky will do the trick. It’s not a terribly bad decision. If you start the game and the weather comes in, the two starting pitchers will probably not be able continue (depending on how long the delay is) [...]

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Rangers take control; lead 3-2

For the Texas Rangers, the magic number is now 1, and for St. Louis, the number that will haunt them is 12. Twelve runners left on base. Cardinals hitters batted 1-12 with runners in scoring position. With numbers like that, even Chris Carpenter’s excellent effort wouldn’t be enough to get the Cardinals the win. CJ [...]

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Tied at 2

Derek Holland frustrated Cardinals hitters, as did umpire Kulpa’s strike zone, and the Texas Rangers only needed Josh Hamilton’s RBI double in the first inning to beat the St. Louis Cardinals to tie the series at 2 games apiece. David Freese saw his hitting streak come to an end after 13 consecutive games, and Albert [...]

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Cardinals win big; take 2-1 lead

For two nights Allen Craig played the part of the hero for St. Louis. Tonight things returned to their natural order. In a game with 23 total runs scored, this night was all about one man – Albert Pujols. Records are nothing new to Albert Pujols. He has been setting records his whole career. And [...]

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This is not a post about baseball…

…in the way that War and Peace is not about Napoleon’s conquest of Russia, in the way Les Miserables is not about the French Revolution, and in the way The Princess Bride is not about Prince Humperdinck’s machinations to start a war with Guilder. The St. Louis Cardinals have been my team since I was [...]

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Tied at 1-1

Allen Craig again provided the heroics for the Cardinals, but (finally official) closer Jason Motte couldn’t get the final three outs. Ian Kinsler stole second even with a great throw by Yadier Molina, and Elvis Andrus had a big hit to chase Motte without getting an out in the top of the 9th. Josh Hamilton [...]

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Cardinals Lead 1-0

The St Louis Cardinals won the first game of the World Series tonight 3-2. Chris Carpenter went 6 full innings for the win and CJ Wilson took the loss. Jason Motte got the last three outs (or two and a half, depending on your view of it) for the save. Game ball goes to Allen [...]

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