Talented engineer? Looking for a job? Want a paid paid vacation?

The double “paid” was not a typo. Some companies offer health benefits. Some have break rooms stocked with cokes and candy. Some do all kind of other things to keep their employees happy. I have it on good authority that most people at Rackspace spend more time at the lake than at work. Or at least 50/50. And it works. Those people are very happy with their jobs (and somehow manage to get some things done apparently).

The CEO of FullContact, a software company based in Denver is offering his employees a $7500 bonus to go on vacation. This is in addition to their normal vacation pay. Three rules: no technology – you must go off grid; no work; no staying home.

So, you’re saying I’m not allowed to do work from my hotel in Prague? Well…okay, if you insist. For $7500 I think I could do it. For some people it might be hard to completely unplug, but I’m not a big texter, and since I’m not attached to Facebook like a newborn to its mother, I don’t think I would have any trouble there either.

The exciting thing is, they need software engineers. Unfortunately for me that’s not one of my skills. Figures. But, you know, if you’re one of those of with skill get yourself over there.

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