The heavens declare…

I’ve been fascinated recently with the sky. Clouds, really. It started with looking to the sky to see what kind of clouds would be in the background of pictures, should I choose to take any. Some scenes are better with big dark billowing clouds. Some are better with clear blue sky (although I prefer the dark clouds personally). And then there’s the setting sun coming through and turning everything orange and red and yellow and all variety of shades in between.

So when I saw these clouds yesterday, even though I only had the camera on my phone, I had to take a picture. And then when I got them into my computer, I thought, “I wonder what they would look like in black and white.” So I applied what is supposed to be an ilford 400 film emulator. And I really like it.


Here’s the original, and a couple others, in case you’re curious:




April 5, 2012  Tags: , ,   Posted in: photography

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  1. anna - April 6, 2012

    I love clouds and sky. If living in Seattle has taught me anything, it’s that clouds are incredibly varied and beautiful. And that there are infinite shades of grey.

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