The Year in Preview: 2012

Seems like every year between Christmas and New Year’s there are dozens of tv and radio programs that highlight the major events of the year. The year that was. The year in review. A look back at 2011.

I suppose I could do that, too. But since this is a blog, and since this blog has a nice little search feature (as well as monthly archives) you could simply read through everything yourself. So instead of wasting your time repeating myself for no good reason, I want to spend a few days thinking about next year.

Like many people I make New Year’s resolutions from time to time. Most of which I do not keep. I’ve broken the “I’m going to get married this year” one several years running. Instead of resolutions, I’m trying to think through things that I’d like to see happen this year. Some of those will be things that I can control, some will be things that I don’t have any control over (or very little control), but I’m still hoping (possibly even praying) that they happen.

For instance: Read 10 chapters of the Bible a day = something I can control. Never hear the name Kardashian = very little control (although clearly there are ways to limit the damage in that respect).

So over the next few days (starting today) I’ll be outlining some of those things in detail and perhaps along the way challenge you, my friends, to think about what you want your year to look like also.

I’m going to start with what I think might be the hardest: the blog

Improve the blog

Sound rather nebulous, doesn’t it? Rather like saying, “write more.” Or “be a better person” or some such. Here are a few things I think need to be done this year to improve the blog:

1. Write more, better. Not “write more better” which would be ironical. But write better articles more often. So maybe I should say “write better more.” It’s doubtful that I’ll be able to write every day. It just doesn’t seem likely that my schedule and events will allow for that kind of dedication. But I want to write more substantive articles more often. That is not to say that I will write only substantive posts. I still intend to write about things that interest me like baseball and music and so on.

2. Focus. I’ve mentioned this before, but if you look at the list of categories you’ll see that there are near (if not more than) 20. Which signifies a fairly scatterbrained approach to blogging. I intend to focus my attention on a smaller set of topics.

3. Design. The blog has maintained the same design for more than a year – not really sure when I redid it. I like some of the features and the way some things are laid out, but for the most part, I’m tired of it and I feel like it needs a freshening up. This may not be the most challenging part of the process, but I will probably spend an inordinate amount of time deciding between two or three looks and feels that would concern absolutely no one else.

4. New name. Despite the fact that the tagline “writing is easy, just open a vein and bleed” actually brings search engine traffic to the site, I’m constantly underwhelmed by the name “Bleeding Ugly” such that what I once found acceptable – even somewhat humorous in a British pun sort of way (although I’m not sure what that might be) – annoys me to no end. It’s gotta go.

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