The Year in Preview: 2015

2015yip2I don’t know if it’s a western thing or a human thing, but it seems that as we mark time, we look for milemarkers. Places along the road that tell us where we are, how far we are from where we were, and (to stretch the metaphor) how far we have yet to go. I wrote some time ago about my personal “year in preview” – rather than looking back I could pretty much copy everything from then to now. Which is a bit depressing considering that was 3 years ago.

The benefit of looking back is to see what could have been, what needs to be done differently, and maybe even to be reminded of your successes and what is possible (assuming, of course, you had some successes). I don’t see a lot of success as I look back (still not married. Still heard that one name way too much). So why would I want to go through this again? How is this any different than those blasted New Year’s resolutions that nobody keeps (other than the fact I’m starting in February, of course)?

If you still listen to the radio or watch TV (do people do that?) you know that at the end of every year they do a review. And resolution makers seem to do the same thing. Every year they make resolutions and then at the end of the year they look back to see how they did. Why? Why not review more often. Every six months maybe. Or every quarter. How about every month? Don’t you (read: me) have a better shot at following through if you pause from time to time to re-focus?

So over the next few days I’ll be detailing things I want to be working on in the coming year. But rather than waiting until next December to look back and see how things went, I’m going to revisit these posts at the beginning of every month and adjust and adapt as the year goes on.

Like last time, I’m going to start with what I think might be the hardest: the blog

The Blog

There was a time I thought about changes designed to “improve the blog.” I’m not so much concerned about the kind of traffic I get here or what people think about it, but I am concerned about how I feel about it myself. This is why you won’t see “focus” listed among this year’s goals. It’s something every blog that aspires to a large following must have. But since I really don’t care about that, I don’t think I care about focus, either. So, following are a few ideas that I do want to address concerning the blog.

1. New Name. “…what I once found acceptable…annoys me to no end.” After 3 years it hasn’t gotten any better. I’ve thought about it on and off for the past 3 years and haven’t come up with anything. So…this one apparently is going to be a challenge.

2. Design. After 4 years of the same design, it needs refreshing. I could probably just pick a stock theme from WordPress and be done with it. But the reality is I’m too picky about little things that no one else cares about, so I’ll spend an unreasonable amount of time and energy on this.

3. Write more, better. Not “write more better” which would be ironical. But write better articles more often. So maybe I should say “write better more.” If you read the 2012 YIP you know I just copied that word for word. Pretty much everything I said then still applies. I want to write more substantive articles. However, at the same time, in order for me to keep up with this thing, I know I’ve got to include the other less thoughtful and thought-provoking topics like baseball and music and the “what are you, drunk?” kinds of things as well.

4. More book reviews. I read a lot of books. Well, okay…I read more than the average person. I know there are book review sites out there and blogs out there written by people who are reading 2, 3, 4 books a week or more. I’m not quite there. I’ve unfortunately got other things I have to do as well. However, I’ve been remiss in not writing more reviews of the books I have read. I like the exercise of thinking through what I read and trying to convey to someone else its strengths or weaknesses or even generally how I felt about it.

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