Top 4: Superbowl Special

Over the past several days several people have asked me who I’m rooting for, or if I’m ready for the big game. Which is always an interesting question, because I essentially gave up on the NFL several years ago when I could no longer stomach the Cowboys. I tried, I really did, to pick a new team, but nothing stuck. So I simply quit caring about the NFL. But that doesn’t mean I don’t care about the Superbowl. So in honor of that great tradition, I present my Top 4 Reasons to Love the Superbowl.

1. Katy Perry. What says “gladiators of the gridiron” more than a Katy Perry concert at halftime?

2. Commercials. Almost always the best. Some might even say better than the game. And of course there will be a few head-scratchers, so there’ll be something to talk about on Monday morning.

3. Someone has to lose. Imagine how great it will be to make fun of them and their fans.


Note: This picture should in no way indicate I believe the Patriots will lose. It’s simply that Google gave me much better options for “Tom Brady loser” than it did for “Russell Wilson loser.”

4. Two weeks ‘til pitchers and catchers report!


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