Worship Music May 20

Although it is part of Mike’s series on the 40 days after Christ’s resurrection, the message yesterday was from John 15 – the vine and the branches. Rather than try to force that theme too much, I went with a theme of dependence on God. We had several things going on, so I tried to keep the music a bit short (as it turned out, there was even more going on than Mike or I knew…such is life in a small church). As a side note, I was a bit distracted during most of rehearsal this morning because we had a scheduling problem. One of my piano players did not get the message that she had the week off. So I spent a good part of the morning feeling bad that she had come all that way for nothing. I’ve been talking about using the scheduling features of Planning Center Online (which I use for planning the songs), and today made the need more obvious.

Pastor’s Greeting
In Christ Alone
Your Love oh Lord
I Will Seek You
I Lift My Eyes Up

Forever is one of those songs we don’t do very often. It’s just kind of back there in the recesses of the songs lists. But I felt it would be a good set up song for the theme of dependence on God as it is all about God’s faithfulness and “His love endures forever.”

We probably sing In Christ Alone too much. I haven’t looked to see how much we’ve done it so far this year. But with this theme it was too hard to pass it up. It’s a good combination of mid-tempo chorus and high text-load hymn. Incidentally, dynamically we usually crescendo during the middle part of the verses – “what heights of love, what depths of peace…” etc. and then bring it down again for the last two lines of the verse. We also usually repeat the second part of the last verse “No power of hell, no scheme of man…” but on the last verse we keep the energy up because I feel like the lyrics demand it (“here in the power of Christ I stand”).

We played the last three songs as a medley, starting with Your Love oh Lord. Originally I had planned to just go through it once and move on, but during rehearsal it became clear that we needed to do it twice. It was just too quick and too drastic a change from Your Love oh Lord to the slower (and little known) I Will Seek You.

I Will Seek You is a quite old DGLMD song. Must be 15 years old or so. But it’s a good song about seeking God with all your heart and has lyrics like “I will thirst for You like a man in the desert” which I’ve always liked. We did not sing the chorus or bridge or whatever the second part of the song is because it is not a familiar song for the congregation (although I have played it for an offering or something at some point in the past year) and because I wanted to keep it a bit shorter and the second part does not transition well to I Lift My Eyes Up.

I’ve written about I Lift My Eyes Up before so I won’t go into a lot of detail. But it is a song that I like a lot. It’s one of those that the lyrics and the music fit well together and with this theme of dependence on God we could hardly do better than “oh how I need You Lord, You are my only hope, You are my only prayer…”

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