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TLM103_ZAh music. You knew music would have to show up on this list at some point, right? After all, a brief glimpse at the category list shows that I’ve written more about music than anything else. Of course the 30 days of recording in July had something to do with that.

Like photography and writing, music is something you have to do in order to improve. Learning theory is one thing. I suppose you could open a book and learn theory in the same way you learn anything else. But like virtually everything else, it is fairly meaningless and quickly forgotten if you don’t apply it. This year I want to be more diligent at writing music – even if it’s not whole songs – and stretching myself musically.

Writing and Recording Music

1. Set deadlines and time limits. This is an idea I picked up from Joe Gilder who blogs about home recording techniques. The thought is that if you set a time limit for yourself – one hour, for instance – it forces you to focus more on the immediate task at hand as opposed to wasting time with peripheral issues like finding the right tone or tweaking the drums or whatnot.

2. A little every day. Or at least most days. With the keyboard set up, there is almost no reason I can’t sit down for a few minutes every day and open up Studio One to record a little something. I’ve done it in the past and found that although I didn’t have time to refine anything, there were some interesting ideas that came out of it. That said, there will be days that my schedule just doesn’t allow for it.

3. Find and commit to projects. If I can again make the comparison to photography, having a project to complete gives more focus to the work. Rather than just taking pictures of things that look nice, or recording random melodies that sound nice, there is something to be working toward. If that project falls outside of my comfort zone, so much the better as it will force me to push those boundaries a bit.

4. Collaborate. Since I’ve been back in San Antonio, I’ve spent a good deal of time working with Demetrios in his studio and the collaboration between us has been great (as it has always been). I want to extend that good experience to other musicians and recording enthusiasts this year. See how other people do things, learn from them, give and take. It’s all good.

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