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Reading through the Bible in a year sounds a bit daunting. But rather than being satisfied with reading through the Bible in a year, the Ten Chapters a Day program essentially doubles that. So it would be easy to say that I didn’t follow through the last time I tried it because it’s just too much. Well, I did fine for a while but just couldn’t keep it going. This time around I intend to do a few things differently. Since I gave a fairly thorough overview before, I’m not going to go in to detail on how the program works.

Ten Chapters A Day

As a review, the program consists of reading 1 chapter each from 10 lists every day. When you finish a list, you start that list over. Since the lists are not equal length you’ll end up reading some books more than others. For instance, if you follow the program without modifications, you’ll end up reading Acts and Proverbs every month while only reading the Pentateuch twice a year.

For more information, please see my introduction for the Year in Preview 2012. Also, Tim Challies has written an excellent explanation of the reading program (which he calls the 3650 Challenge) and compiled a nice list of useful tools.

Allow me to reiterate a few points from my previous post:

1. This is not a Bible Study program. There simply is too much reading to be able to stop, study, and meditate on what you’re reading.

2. It doesn’t end in December. Because the book lists rotate unevenly it doesn’t have a natural ending point.

3. You don’t have to play catch up. This appeals to me because every time I’ve tried a “read through the Bible in a year” program I got behind and gave up once I saw how much I had to make up. This program is not date oriented. You can miss a day or week and start where you left off. You can even start today!

Looking back, I think there are two primary reasons I did not make it through last time. And these are probably true of any reading program:

1. I didn’t have a good place to read. Because of my living situation at the time, I ended up doing all of my reading (Bible and otherwise) in bed. As you might imagine, that’s not ideal. And even moreso with a book that has 10 bookmarks in it. It’s just awkward. A good comfortable chair in a well lit living room would be a much better idea.

2. My chosen reading time was not conducive to success. I’m a night person. So I’ve always found it easier to read at night. However, the combination of reading in bed and reading at night…well…let’s just say the obvious struggles came into play. The nice thing about this plan as opposed to most 1 year plans is you’re not left reading 2 or 3 chapters of Numbers at a time. Still…a little common sense about when you read might go a long way.

If this sounds interesting to you and you think you might want to do something like this, let me know!

I’d love to hear other people’s thoughts and ideas on how to make it work well.

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