YIP 2015: Mixing and Recording Music

2015yip2_thumb.pngOver the past couple of years I have spent more and more time recording and mixing music. Most of the recording has been my own music, but I have also been working at building up a portfolio of songs I have mixed.

As I’ve said before, music is something you have to do in order to improve. There are tons of videos and articles written about recording and mixing techniques, but until you try them there’s really no way to know what works in each specific situation.

Recording and Mixing Music

1. Network. I’ve never been very good at the networking, generating contacts, sales kind of relationship building things. But I’m going to need to in order to find people to record. After all, it gets a little old just recording myself. And as much as I love recording with Demetrios, he has his own studio, so it’s a completely different (albeit rewarding) experience. Recording others and mixing other projects will open up new doors and will ultimately make me a better recording and mixing engineer.

2. Set deadlines and time limits. This is a repeat from last time. The idea is Joe Gilder’s and it’s a good one. I found it very helpful in focusing on the task at hand and also not overmixing, which is a tendency of mine.

3. Learn the mic. I’ve got a couple mics – several, actually – but pretty much one primary mic for vocals and guitar. So the idea here is to learn the best way to use the mic and where to place it and what sounds best. I listened to a mic “shootout” yesterday – basically a comparison of 20 high quality mics – and I hate to admit it but I couldn’t hear much difference. I know it’s there, the mics have different qualities and strengths and I’ve read all the reports but I simply can’t hear it. So…maybe that has something to do with my ear training too.

4. Learn the equipment. Outside of just the mics, I need to get better with my chosen tools – Studio One, a couple of interfaces, a variety of virtual instruments and of course effects plugins. I’ve got plenty. In fact, some folks would say you don’t need any plugins but the ones that come standard with the DAW. Which is true, but I like the sound of some of the other plugins I have. I just need to learn the ins and outs a little bit better to be more comfortable with them.

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